Saturday, October 10, 2009


Dollhouse is an amazing show. But I guess how much one likes Dollhouse depends on how one understands the show. So I thought I'd start with a rant on how I "understand" the show.

Everyone's a doll. Every person constructs him/herself an identity and calls it his/her real nature. But the so-called real person - Caroline for example - is as fake as any person the actives are given. But when the actives are stripped from their own lies - turned into Eden-like Adam/Eve like people - in that stripped form is when their true nature has a chance to appear. True, as actives they are given the lies of powers that be as identity's to be... but so is every person in the world. Your local church authority gives you your religious identity, your local peer group you are attracted towards gives you your political/national/whatever identity... and so on, basically everyone lives a lie. The dolls are just the mirror image of society under a magnifying glass. But in that stripped form their true being emerges. Alpha's true being was wrong, before he got wrong. But Dollhouse is about how Echo finds her true being - enlightenment. She's like that guy in the cave who decides to sit in an opposite direction and discovers that she's in a cave, because she now saw the opening.

Okay, as rants go this was a bit confusing. So to put it shortly, Echo's journey is the path of enlightenment that takes her outside the world system to herself - her true nature. Dollhouse is about identity and the way it is constructed. There are those who live out identites that are constructed for them by the powers that be - the dolls are just the very literal example of this - and then there is Echo the Buddha, who is taken out of the world to find the truth.

Okay... perhaps a confusing rant was not the most brilliant way to start this blog. Anyway, I'll be doing episode reviews, discuss character growth and also map out this Echo's progression to enlightenment according to my "understanding or delusion" of the show. I heart Dollhouse and I just haven't found the place where people talk about Dollhouse in this way. This is my first blog, so it might take 5-6 posts before I start to get hang of things. But... someone has to do it. Dollhouse needs it's MikeJer. I'll try to be my best.

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