Tuesday, November 10, 2009


So this was a dream I just had. It's not Dollhouse related, but... well I was Buffy in that dream. There are many shards of scenes I can't exactly recall where in the dream they took place. Something about Cordelia, some scene where I said: "Oh Spike you're covered in sexy wounds!", something with Xander...

What I can say it that the dream must have took place in Season 8 of Buffy, because I distinctly remember walking around in that scottish castle and talking something with Xander, who was all like eyepatch and cool and everything. Definitely taking a level in badass here.

So for some reason I find myself in somekinda almost ruined monastery. There was no ceiling. It had just rained, probably spring-time as it was very wet and muddy. Sun was shining. Very medieval. I'm looking for information from Friar Tuck (who looks like Friar Tuck from that Robin Hood show which was filmed in Lithuania - The New Adventures of Robin Hood). Anyway there was this bison-bull sort of creature there and Friar Tuck wanted me to kill it. So I takes my scythe and I run towards the creature and it rans past me without me hitting it. So I try to throw the scythe at it. I'm kinda feeling all bad because I really don't want to do it. But... the mission is important. So I try again, I fall and the creature steps on me. And I'm making the choice of not killing him. So I stands up, say in my Buffy voice that I've had enough and throw the Friar Tuck in a cauldron. I get a call from Andrew who explains that there is a problem with Friar Tuck. He sort of never washes himself. I look at Friar Tuck who pours beer inside the cauldron he is. Andrew explains that that's what he does, he pours the beer so his wounds start all bleeding and he kinda sits in that cauldron and that beer-blood liquid is his way of washing himself. He thinks it makes him smell a bit better. And I'm like "no way am I going to wash him" and "eww...".

At this point I somewhat wake up (in real life). And then fall back to sleep. Or semi-sleep, as my brain starts to rationalize what I have gone through as Buffy. I'm playing Buffy the RPG, which is kinda the conclusion of entire Buffy saga, but the player chooses how it ends. There are these many ways of interacting with characters. For example with Spike (here I am as Buffy talking to Spike) you can be all distant or all "Spike you're so much better than Angel, Spike I love you so much, let's make lovey now." And you can even do this with Xander. You sort of choose who Buffy is in a romantical relationship with - Angel, Satsu, Xander, Spike or Riley. Or you can pursue a romantical relationship with all of them. I was thinking that it was like Alpha Protocol (which is not out yet, but I've read about the things it promises to do) where the other characters remember their relationship status with you and it all plays out in the end differently. There's point A and then there's point O, but all that is in between is what you as Buffy make it to be. And what happens in point O depends on how you interacted with the characters. And that bison-bull killing quest was an example of multiple choices in the quests... you could kill the bison-bull thingy, or you could be creative and be "Buffy's sick of your tasks Friar - into the cauldron!". The rpg of my dreams - Buffy the Final Season - is very dynamic in that way.

And then I had to wake up. This time no return. I'm kinda sorry I didn't have time right after waking up to write it all down. But... I really enjoyed being Buffy in my dreams. It was one of the best dreams I've had recently.

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